A conversation with New York Giant Mikey D


Mickey has been a long time supporter and collaborator with me and the team at KOTB.  I was and still am a huge fan of the second Main Source LP, F What you think.  The Album featured the Legendary Queens M.C.  Former Sleeping Bag artist who recorded with the Engineering and Producer giant that was Paul C (RIP).  Along side their DJ Johnny Quest they released a line of hit singles including ‘My Telephone’ and ‘Comin in the House’.

Back in 2008 on a trip to NYC I met up with Mikey to film him for the project that I later released as ‘Memories of Paul C McKasty’.  A year later he was on a plane here to the UK after I was able to bring him over to the UK with the help of Kev De Kosta and the Brighton Hip Hop festival.

Over the years regularly we communicate, as friends and fellow artists, we help each other obtain and achieve our goals.

Mikey recently has ventured into building his brand Pass the Torch where his aim is to bridge the gap between generations of artists and creativity.  Slowly creating a community where together we can all learn from each other’s experiences and ideas.

He has been putting the spotlight on artists that came before him that most of us may not of heard about.   People, who influenced, guided him throughout his career.

If you are interested in hearing about the man and the conversations he has with the many guests Mikey features on his show Follow his Channel.

I got to join Mikey for one of his live feeds as a guest. It was a good experience.


Tha 4orce returns with Big Cakes as they revisit their hustler’s anthem, Revolve Around Science Remix continues that hard boom bap and straight facts that most would come to expect from these two heavyweights in the art of beats,, rhymes and cuts.

If you have been checking out the new releases by Tha 4orce you may of noticed we have been remixing the videos two.  This was shot 3:30 am Sunday morning in the freezing wet weather.  I really like 4orces dedication and determination to get these videos done.  He turns up to the shoot car loaded with Turntables and drum machines.  Very few people have that focus, there are a lot of lessons to be learnt by his work ethics.

Thanks to all those supporting buying his project.  Look forward to dropping the LP Setting Standards 3 Later this year.


Minima supporting our project

We would like to thank the Team at Minima based in the Hockley area of Birmingham City for supporting me as a Birmingham City Independent Artist, by stocking our latest works.

Minima is a very contemporary home furniture and lighting store selling some very stylish and unique pieces. I first went there after Mr Wynters invited me there for a pop-up store he was having at the location.

The Owner and Staff were very friendly and interested in some of the things I was involved in. I felt our book and Shaw Theatre Project would be a suitable product to fit into their line of products.

I can see some pop up events and Collaborations happing in the future. If you are in the City and would like to get a copy of the Lp or Book. Pop into Minima you won’t be disappointed.

For those of you that are unaware, the King of the Beats label has released a rare Hip-Hop jam from 1985 on vinyl. What’s special about ut is that it was the first time major Hip-Hop acts from the Bronx, New York shared a stage with some of the best Hip-Hop performers from the UK’s fledgling scene.

As more than a few people have pointed out recently, in my 35+ years doing what i do, I’ve pioneered a few things. Things which were considered ‘game-changers’. Such as;

1) I was the first writer to have a tag that was exclusively calligraphic.

2) I came up with the term ‘Calligraffiti’ in 1983.

3) I was the first writer on this side of the Atlantic to have an aerosol piece on billboards all over the country.

4) In 1994, I wrote, produced, & directed a feature-length documentary on Aerosol Culture called ‘Get The Message’. As far as i know, at that point, no writer had done that (Still I’ll not forget the work of writers like Kilo with his ‘Visual Graffix’ vids that were crucial in documenting the train scene).

5) As far as I know, I’m the first writer to literally spray-paint record covers for an album release. Not have paintings turned into printed covers like what Futura 2000 did for the Celluloid label in the 80’s but literally paint the covers so that each buyer has a piece of my art for themselves.

Swipe through the pics to Check it out.

Huge Thanks to Pritt & Marzena K – @magentadk who took the awesome pics! & Of course the guys at AM Screen Printing in Redditch for use of their space!

I couldn’t have done it without you all!



Saturday the 5th of February 2022 saw the launch of our new venture. Diggers is our quarterly art and creative book. An inside look at the world we created featuring works from photographers, illustrators, film-makers and Graff Artists. It is there to promote our clothing brand and record label.

We felt that it has been long overdue and that if no one was going to help us by giving us a feature or even a platform to showcase our world and work that we would create our own platform our own lane.

There is way too many gatekeepers in the industry and people who could help that choose not to. We have been dedicated and loyal to our work and colleagues. We stick to our beliefs and core values, our integrity means a great deal.

I will stand by my statement and say that we produce the finest quality works by far in the city. Where we fail is our marketing and promotions.

This weekend just gone we launched our first issue alongside our Shaw Theatre project in conjunction with the legendary Artist the Artful Dodger. This project itself has taken 2 years of my life to turn into a real product. Together with the team at the Diskey Birmingham ( the oldest Record Store in the UK Est 1952) joined forces to present our new projects.

Photos Chris Cammock
Photos Chris Cammock
Photos Chris Cammock
Photos Chris Cammock
Photos Chris Cammock
Photos Chris Cammock
Photos Chris Cammock
Photos Chris Cammock
Photos Chris Cammock
Photos Chris Cammock

Saturday morning I was joined by the Artful Dodger also known as 2000 A.Dee setting up for the days event. Turntables Records and Books to go. I can not forget the staff at the Diskey Liam, Lee and Peter who went above and beyond to make people very welcome, offering Tea, Beer and Wine to the days visitors.

Slowly as the day progressed we started to get a lot of visitors, Some of faces and some new ones. Stuart Myers one of the Photographers featured in the Magazine, was honoured with his presence. He was in the city taking pictures with a very good street photographer who goes by the name Ant Foster.

Photos Ant Foster
Photos Ant Foster
Photos Ant Foster
Photos Ant Foster
Photos Ant Foster
Photos Ant Foster
Photos Ant Foster

I really appreciate all those that visited and supported our day. We had people travelling from London, Nottingham, Derbyshire to name a few. Huge thanks to all of you. DJ Sparra and Damian joined us for the day too. Both of these guys play a big part in the labels becoming.

Marzena Klajbert the photographer who’s images of us working on the Shaw Theatre project lead me to creating the book joined us for the day too. For those that attended and purchased the books took full advantage of the time and place and quickly got books signed by many of the people who contributed or where featured in it. The day was about everyone coming together and aknowleding this talented pool of hidden gems, an small army of creatives that still dwell in the city of Birmingham.

Look forward to more events at the Diskery.

Photos Marzena Klajbert
Photos Marzena Klajbert
Photos Marzena Klajbert
Photos Marzena Klajbert
Photos Marzena Klajbert
Photos Marzena Klajbert
Photos Marzena Klajbert
Photos Marzena Klajbert
Photos Marzena Klajbert
Photos Marzena Klajbert
Photos Marzena Klajbert
Photos Marzena Klajbert


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Our stall at Hockley MKT Jan 2022

Alongside my childhood pal Jason Coombes we took part in our second appearance at Hockley Socials Monthly MKT.

A monthly market made up of a wide range of interesting local independent businesses. We are there selling our Diggers branded clothing and Records from the King of the Beats Label. This weekend was special as we made this day the first day that the public could get their hands on our new vinyl release. The Shaw Theatre Art Project.

Each and every cover is painted by the original Graffiti Artist The Artful Dodger. A true Legend in this artform. Somebody I have had a friendship almost 25 years.

Long before that as a child when I first got into Graffiti and Hip Hop I had seen his Tag and was totally blown away by it. Although we have done bits together over the 25 years this is probably our first official project presented to the public together.

The project we presented has been 2 years in the making. Saturday the 29th at Hockley Socials MKT seemed the perfect opportunity to present the piece to the public. In respect, we could of done it better. I did kind of hijack the projector in Cafe Artum to screen footage of A.Dee painting the LP Cover which to my disappointment people didn’t really connect to our stand. However, those that did catch on came over to find out more.

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9 covers painted by A.Dee
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9 more covers painted by A.Dee
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Catch us Hockley Social MKT 30th Jan 2022

Catch me this weekend alongside the team at Hockley Social Club where on the 30th they are doing the Artists indi Market,.
This will be the first opportunity to own a copy of our new lp. Its a very special piece, every cover individually painted by the UK Graff legend THE ARTFUL DODGER. taking it back the early days of UK Graffiti.
This is a limited edition piece once they are gone they are gone. This is a cultural piece and to this day there has been nothing like it presented like it in the UK.
All the items we are selling is our own productions, the bigger aim is to help fund the movie I have been working on for the last 20 years.
Remember Hockley Social Club the Sunday the 30th. 10 am – 2pm

Record & Book Launch – Sat 5th Feb – The Diskery Birmingham.


Come Join us Saturday the 5th of Feb at Birminghams Diskery ( Record Store ).  The Original Artful Dodger presents his project.  THE SHAW THEATRE 1985.  Each and every cover is individually painted by the legendary artist.  Tha 4orce will be there, Look out for Setting Standards 3 coming soon.  Pritt Kalsi will be there to launch the new artbook from him.  The book features photography and art from the team who behind the scenes help the label on the projects.  The Book is limited only 100 copies printed.


Huge Thanks to The Diskery for their support.  Check out portraits of the Diskery team in the book.

New Video – New Single by tha 4Orce.

Here is the new single by Tha 4Orce.   taking from his forthcoming album, SEtting Standards 3 Remix project.  One of the most outstanding producers/artists to ever come out of the UK.  4Orce has been a driving force behind the label along by myself.  We are currently working on the artwork for the next lp.


Our latest update on the Shaw theatre project.  We apologise for the delays.  There is a shortage of wax palets used to make records across the board with all the pressing plants.  All the records have been painted by A.Dee and all the covers books and inserts are at the plant.  This is a very exciting art peace. May we ask all those that have supported the project to be patient.

As soon as they arrive they will be mailed out.