Diamond D Ft Daddy I.U – ‘The Game’, Enjoy.

Without a shadow of a doubt working with Jazzy Jay has opened some doors for me, especially when it comes to the crew DITC. Over the last 5 years I had built a friendship and relationship with one of my all time idols Diamond D.

Going back to the release of his first solo album. Like many people I was totally blown away from the amazing music and his rhymes. It was an album that fully embodied and represented this Music we call Hip Hop, not only did it capture its time but it gone on to stand the test of time to be known as one of the greatest Hip Hop albums of all time. It became the benchmark for all aspiring producers to one-day reach.

I was one of those aspiring digging in the crates every week producers. I was in a crew made up of me and Mike Richards called ‘the Butcher Shop’. Birmingham City Legend DJ Sparra, former DMC champion, was mentoring me. He was part of a crew called Rerun. Their lead MC was known as Juice, Juice Aleem as most people know him. Leaving Sparra’s home we was discussing Diamond D, 1992 Album ‘ Stunts Blunts and Hip Hop’. This is where I want to be I said, unless I’m this good I cannot put a record out.

Fast forwarding some 18 years later. In which over that time I become more known for film making and documenting this culture. I got to meet Diamond in London. Although our meeting was brief, Diamond become familiar with my work and what I represented.   This lead to me shooting a few things with him that maybe in the near future we will put out in the public domain. A couple DJ sets beautifully shot.

 Diamond then took part in my upcoming film ‘Looking for the Perfect Beat’. Whilst I was shooting the movie, I had painted a portrait of my NYC father Jazzy Jay that Diamond had seen. He liked it and wanted a painting by me for maybe a future record release. Returning back to the UK, I got busy editing the film. Then Diamond announced he was working on his new album, and there was opening for someone to do the album cover. I submitted some artwork, which got selected, leading to Cover artwork of his 2014/15 album THE DIAM PIECE.


Returning back to NYC to try complete filming my project past November 2014 Diamond asked me if I had time to shoot something for him. He asked if I could do something for the track featuring one of the greatest punch line M.C’s Granddaddy I.U. ‘THE GAME’ personally my favorite track on the album had fallen at my feet. For it production value I love the open space D created, the drums are not hard but lyrics, cadence and voice of DADDY I.U give it all the power it needs to be a very big sounding track.

The evening before the shoot, we all coincidentally met at the 41st Zulu Nation Anniversary held in Harlem.   Along side Daddy I.U, Black Rob, Minnesota , Fred Beanz and Break Beat Lou. Diamond informed me that he had booked out a bar for the shoot and that was to meet 3pm in the Bronx.


The following day joined by Fred Beanz and Breakbeat Lou we met up in the Bronx for the shoot. We had got there before Diamond and crew and arrived at the venue. THE LEGACY BAR where we was met by the owner who was an fantastic host and went out of his way to help and support the shoot.

In classic me style I recruited Fred Beanz to assist me with the shoot and gave him about 10 mins training. Hence his 3 times cameo appearances, a thank you for his efforts and sorry for dropping you in it on my part.

Let take into account that we started the shoot at 3 pm and NYC gets very Dark early that time of year. Time was very limited. To a certain extent Diamond gave me some freedom to try a few things. Some worked some didn’t. Anyhow as a back up plan I met up with I.U to shoot some out door shot very very early one morning.

Returning back to the UK I had done a rough of the video I think the first week I got back. Unfortunately some things happened and I was out the picture until the start of this year. The whole week alongside Diamond we worked together fine tuning this video.

So for all those that have a passion for things creative, keep doing what you do, never give up your dreams or goals, patience is a virtue. Even when things get tough things can happen. Karma.






HiCoup’s – Crocodile Tears Directed by Pritt Kalsi

Whilst in New York last November working on the film I found the time to shoot a video for my friends Johnny Juice’s new project HiCoup.

HiCoup in his own right has been on the circuit for a good while.  I had never met him before the shoot.  I had only heard the E.P that Juice produced.  It’s a fantastic project led by Johnny Juice a accomplished producer and DJ.  Seeing him at work in person I can say that he is no way a beat maker, who churns out track after track asking artists to pick one.  He carefully selects who he works with and grinds in the studio to help develop a sound and artist.  His way is by no means a 1hour take.

There was a song on the E.P that stood out called ‘Crocodile Tears’.  I had spoken to Juice prior to leaving out to NYC and said if there was time Id shoot something for him.  I had been in NYC 2 weeks.  This was my final day.  I still have people to shoot for my project.

The sun was light very bright first thing in the morning, the weather was turning so there was a really nice frost.  Knowing how long things take I suggested to Juice we can shoot 6am in Brooklyn’s Forte Green.  I had shot there earlier on my trip.

HiCoup and manager where based in New Jersey.  I was very surprised when they called me to say there were at my spot dead on time.  We headed out to Forte Green and knocked out the video before 8am.  Only if every shoot could go down as well planned as that.

I had completed the video the first day I arrived back.  Now that HiCoup has approved and posted the video onto Youtube I can post it onto my page, enjoy.





These Handz return with this fantastic new release produced by Sparkii Ski and Deejay Grazzhoppa.  Sparkii reminded me that I supplied him the sample for this many years ago.  So maybe my opinion might be slightly one sided.

Its been nearly 2 years since the group formed, Over a albums worth of material and countless singles.  Here is a group i think that needs some serious attention.  One of the very few groups today that structure there songs, including things such things as ‘Bridges’ a long forgotten movement in a song. I did here that there is possible a vinyl release on the horizon  Look forward to that.  We will be stocking that for sure here at king of the beats.



Great event coming up May 10th. Diggers get invovled.

Check out this video. Chris Read called me about this event and was giving me the full lowdown on the project.  He has been able to gain access to Boosey & Hawkes and Cavendish catalogues from the archives of famed library music specialists.  Producers will have access to dig through their entire achieve and pick out music to sample.  In the 90′s and 2000′s Chris was one of the very few people in Birmingham City that really supported my work.

for further information in taking part in the event check out the website  : whosampledthis

D.I.T.C Return with with Remix Project.

D.I.T.C are really getting it together for 2014.  From the much anticipated Diam Piece Album by Diamond D here is the lead single from the soon to be released D.I.T.C remix album. Remixed by DJ Premier who returns here with a very strong piece.

REE DOWNLOAD LINK: ditcent.com/index.php?option=co…id=9&Itemid=155

After being premiered by DJ Premier on his radio show this weekend here is the full track, “Diggin’ In The Crates (DJ Premier Remix)”, available for to stream, including a FREE DOWNLOAD link direct off the new D.I.T.C. website!

The original version of this track is where it all officially began for the D.I.T.C. crew, back in 1991, a full 6 years before “Day One” was released on the crews own label. “Diggin’ In The Crates” featured on the Showbiz & A.G. debut and self pressed joint, the Soul Clap EP…the rest as they say is Bronx Hip-Hop History. For the D.I.T.C. Remix Project, Showbiz called in long time friend and crew member, DJ Premier, who’s absolutely smashed it with this new version.

Fans of this remix are going to WANT the vinyl release, so make sure you subscribe for pre-order info. eepurl.com/dDNmk

The D.I.T.C. Remix Album is dropping on DITC Ent. and Slice Of Spice Records, with CD & Digital available from 7th May, directly from the new D.I.T.C. website (see link below), and Vinyl from Slice Of Spice, soon after, including bonus vinyl and high quality collectible merch. STAY TUNED!

The Holy Grail of Hip Hop 45′s has arrived. Paul C’s edit unreleased version ‘Ain’t it Good to You’

For those who are fans of the golden era this will probably or can be considered the all new Holly Grail of 45’s.  This all new limited edition pressing is brought to you by www.Blackpegasusmusic.blogspot.com

Long time friend Marc Davis proudly releases along side TR LOVE of the almighty ULTRAMAGNETIC M.C’s a never released version of ‘Ain’t it good to you’ from the classic Critical Beatdown Album. 

This version is straight of the 2-inch tape and it’s Paul C’s personal Edit and mix of the song.  Paul C the legendary Queens Engineer and producer that helped transform sonically the sound of Hip Hop was the main topic of a film that I dedicated to the man that I recently uploaded here on the site.

TR Love a true music lover, kept all the reels. Including many other sessions with groups that also worked with the Bronx Outfit.

In early 2002 and two I was introduced to Mark Davis via DJ Moe Love who I had met in NYC on my trip.  Mark is a long time fan of the group and like myself got to work with them for a lengthy period.

My role in this project was to create the artwork.  To give life to the original Ultramagnetic M.C’s logo which appeared on the back of Critical Beatdown.   Originally designed by TR.  This is the second time Trev and me have worked on a graphic project together.

My other role was to help strategize and plan the project alongside Mark and TR. 

This is an official pressing, not a bootleg or off some poor quality tape cassette.  Direct from TR LOVE. 

To order your copy go to www.blackpegasusmusic.bigcartel.com Expect this to sell out fast and trade at ridiculous prices.







To mark Record Store day may I introduce you to my all new Brand ‘DIGGERS’. Apparel for lovers of digging in those crates.

Diggers will be the parent name of my clothing line. King of the beats Clothing falls under the banner of DIGGERS APPAREL. Over the past year along side my long time creative brother Chris Malbon who I went to school with looked at the items I was selling on the site, concluding we was well out of touch.

After a few brain storming sessions and meeting with local family based printers AM Screenprint. Together we was able to develop and improve our product.

On my mission to head back to NYC we created a new range to support the film ‘looking for the perfect beat’. Although we sold a few items, I didn’t expect for miracles to happen over night. I’m in it for the long hall and I firmly believe in the product. We have great story and history within this scene.

On a personal note, I get to spend a bit more time hanging out with my mother who is ever so proud to show me her sewing skills, giving me ideas on what I can do.

Seriously with so many brands out there, I wanted not to compete but lead creatively, where I don’t have a budget to go into mass production I must make up with for it with ideas and real history within this culture of Hip Hop.

So here it is, I have created the DIGGERS Boot. No more corporate kicks for me. I will have to just wear what I got left in my collection. For my self I want to have some fun with product.

This is sales pitch.. The boot costs £100, it comes with a DIGGERS BRANDED Sweat shirt only available with the boot plus a Diggers 45’. A breakbeat or groove dug out by yours truly and sometimes some very special guests.  If that’s not a cosmic idea I don’t know what is.