King of the Beats – Vibe Bar Full Movie

From the founder of beat battles, the original king of the beats, comes the fifth installment of the kotb series.

D’lux Beats, Mike Bandoni (funshone), Scratch Professer, Dappa Dusty Fingaz and Prone (sinstars) take on the challenge to see who is king of the beats.

Hosted by legendary Producer Sparkii Ski (london Posse, Mc Mello) with special Guest DJ’s Deejay Random (Steel Devils) and legendary DJ Devestate (Demon Boyz) alongside Cutmaster Swift. KOTB Live is proving to be one of the best nights out in London for great music but good hip hop culture !

Peep for future events. If you want to get involved, by either taking up the challenge or putting on a kotb show. Please get in touch from the site above.