A conversation with New York Giant Mikey D


Mickey has been a long time supporter and collaborator with me and the team at KOTB.  I was and still am a huge fan of the second Main Source LP, F What you think.  The Album featured the Legendary Queens M.C.  Former Sleeping Bag artist who recorded with the Engineering and Producer giant that was Paul C (RIP).  Along side their DJ Johnny Quest they released a line of hit singles including ‘My Telephone’ and ‘Comin in the House’.

Back in 2008 on a trip to NYC I met up with Mikey to film him for the project that I later released as ‘Memories of Paul C McKasty’.  A year later he was on a plane here to the UK after I was able to bring him over to the UK with the help of Kev De Kosta and the Brighton Hip Hop festival.

Over the years regularly we communicate, as friends and fellow artists, we help each other obtain and achieve our goals.

Mikey recently has ventured into building his brand Pass the Torch where his aim is to bridge the gap between generations of artists and creativity.  Slowly creating a community where together we can all learn from each other’s experiences and ideas.

He has been putting the spotlight on artists that came before him that most of us may not of heard about.   People, who influenced, guided him throughout his career.

If you are interested in hearing about the man and the conversations he has with the many guests Mikey features on his show Follow his Channel.

I got to join Mikey for one of his live feeds as a guest. It was a good experience.



Tha 4orce returns with Big Cakes as they revisit their hustler’s anthem, Revolve Around Science Remix continues that hard boom bap and straight facts that most would come to expect from these two heavyweights in the art of beats,, rhymes and cuts.

If you have been checking out the new releases by Tha 4orce you may of noticed we have been remixing the videos two.  This was shot 3:30 am Sunday morning in the freezing wet weather.  I really like 4orces dedication and determination to get these videos done.  He turns up to the shoot car loaded with Turntables and drum machines.  Very few people have that focus, there are a lot of lessons to be learnt by his work ethics.

Thanks to all those supporting buying his project.  Look forward to dropping the LP Setting Standards 3 Later this year.