DJ Timber – Presents his Space Funk Breaks Mix.

That period of the 90s when B-boying came back.  One of the artists that caught my attention back then was the Dj Who went by the name Timber.  I had seen videos of him cutting up breaks for events, but in the heat of the moment, he would jump of the turntables and enter the circle. You could clearly see Timber was dedicated and passionate about this culture.

Years passed and we eventually crossed paths in Birmingham.  It was a pleasure meeting him.  What I like most about Timber is his dedication to this art form.  He went on his own journey. He is very independent and stands alone.  These are all traits of someone that has something special about them.  Now settled in Canada DJ Timber this week presents his Break Mix.  Its available to check out at his Band Camp.

Please check out his project Space Funk Here.