Pre Order Chucky Smash Album Now. Only 300 Copies.

We are proud to announce the release of our new project.  The album ‘The Taking Of Pelham’ by Chucky Smash.   Hailing from the group ‘The Legion’  this is Chucky’s Debut album. 

Recorded at the DITC studio the album has been 2 years in the making.  Largely produced by Molecules this Album speaks volumes.  nicknamed Yoda Chucky Smash has his own sound, there is not another M.C that sounds like him.  Kick start 2023 with something that will not disappoint.  The album has taken almost 2 years to record.  In the studio Showbiz’s son Jahlil RL recorded the lp.  DJ Eclipse makes a guest appearance on the cut as does tha 4orce who had the job of mixing the album.  Key Figures returns to produce two of the tracks on the project.

Once again this is a great example of the artists themselves coming together to create, record, produce, manufacture and distribute our own product.  We are trying hard to encourage and bring each other up, learning from the experience that we can do this ourselves.