Behind the Scenes – Si Spex – 2 Sides of Barry.

2 months ago we released the Album by Si Spex – Two Sides of Barry. For those who purchased the LP would see that mentioned on the Press Release, there was a private link to this film.

We decided due to the current situation and epidemic that we would now make this film available to the public as we have found our selves in a time where streaming film is at an all-time high.

What we present is a behind the scenes look at the project from the King of the beats Perspective.  Back in 1993  I met both Si Spex and Juliano from The Creators in Birmingham’s legendary spot Samebeat Records.  I was introduced to them by Damian who along Steve ran the store.   At that time I had already started my journey digging and sampling records.  It didn’t take long to realize that they were out of my league.

There knowledge and dedication to their art surpassed me.  It was the likes of them and Mark B that inspired me to go harder at it.

Years Later when I started filming people working on their craft we worked together on my project the King of the Beats, which was originally a film.  Both me and Si Spex kept in touch and maintained contact,  which years later led to this project.

I would like to thank all those who supported the project.  From purchasing it to all those who helped behind the scenes.



We would like to thank everyone for the orders.  All items ordered up to the 23.03.20 have been shipped.  We would like to make a statement due to the current Government status regarding the movement in the UK.  Please accept our apologies for the delays in orders being shipped out.

Now Shipping. Si Spex – 2 Sides of Barry.

We are now shipping orders.  We would like to thank all those that have supported the project so far making pre-orders.  My Self, Si Spex and the KOTB crew not to forget the team at AM Screenprint and Viynl Presents have worked hard together to present this superb package from one of the UKs finest producers.  If you have not ordered your copy yet go to shop here get yours now.

We at King of the Beats pride our selves on putting together more than just a lp, we are dedicated to putting together projects that capture the artists through the Medium of Sound, Audio and Visual.  Hip Hop Preservation.

We have changed our strategy on this project for future projects.  With the LP also now comes an exclusive film capturing an alternative behind the scenes look at how the LP Package was made.


Si Spex AKA Barry Beats, formally from the group The Creators who took part in 2 of the King of the Beats films releases his first solo LP with us.  Presenting 2 Sides of Barry. An instrumental beat voyage in 2 parts

Pre Order your copy here. 

PRE ORDER BONUS ve hypothetically come from.

We are planning a February release.  This is a Limited Edition Pressing.  Peep the fantastic trailer from the man himself.

And if you haven’t heard the album check it out on Spotify


Burton Wedding-71

11th October 2019 was the day that we took at trip to Hitchens, the destination Vinyl Presents, the Record Pressing plant. 

I was joined by long time associate and friend Kev Decosta and label partner Tha 4Orce.  On this occasion, we were accompanied by photographer Stuart Myers.  Those that follow the site may remember him from earlier in the year.  We worked on a project together.  I was looking for a photographer that could document our journey making records.

I have this vision and idea of what I wanted to capture and Stuart demonstrated on our last trip out that he had the eye, the technical skills, the passion and desire for his craft that I was looking for.  We were on the same page.

So 9:45 am we met at my home to embark on the day’s road trip.  Ahead of us was a 2-hour drive

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The 11th was the day we went to press the new release on King of the Beats Records.  TR Love’s In Street Concentration.  The task was the pressing of the LP than the assembly of the package.  All the components for the record come from different suppliers.  So instead of being printed at the plant in one place a lot of the items such as the Book, the press picture and 45 have been manufactured over the year in different places.

When we arrived we was met by Phil East, he has over 25 years of experience pressing records and today manages the plant. On this day he was personally pressing our LP.  The first 3 hours of his day was spent mixing the color of the lp.  We wanted something to match the cover and the autumn theme with the rusty orange leaves.


The plant its self is a relatively new site and the technology and machinery used to make the records is very new.  The new machines designed by Vinyl  Tech a Canadian company has changed the way records are pressed today.  Faster with less scrap.  Geared towards manufacturing for the independents.  Labels like our selves.

We found our selves a table and set up shop to assemble the new release.  What was interesting that I was able to video call TR and give him a live tour of the factory also showing him his LP being pressed.


At King of the beats, all of us involved have our fingers, input on every aspect of the project.  For me as a kid it was a dream to make a record. 25 years later here we are making them, producing them, creating the artwork, distributing them and also manufacturing them ourselves.

What we do isn’t easy to think we started this label by doing an event called king of the beats saving the door money and putting into a label pressing 45s to what we are doing now.

Tha 4Orce

Tha 4Orce

The purpose of bringing Stuart was to capture and document our journey so that when finally this label clicks and gets the notice and can be put on the platform it deserves there will be a body of work and visual documentation that is there to tell our story. Who was involved in how we accomplished our goals with next to nothing.  This is a label built on passion experience and dedication.  All those involved have a vision and using our skills work together so that we can present the best version of ourselves and the artists we represent.

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We would like to thank Stuart Myers armed with a range of Cameras from Digital, Medium Format and a 35mm for his time and energy.

Burton Wedding-62




To follow up both Moe Loves LP and this years earlier release Dicemans ‘The Power Of Now’, we at King of the Beats are very proud to release the 3rd lp from the Looking for the perfect beat series.  From the legendary group the Ultramagnetic M.C’s TR Love Presents ‘In Street Concentration’.

Imagine being a fly on the wall in Ced Gee Ultra lab as the group worked, experimented and developed their sound.  They contribution to Hip Hop was part of its Evolution.  TR Love presented a tape cassette that was recorded at the time.  It documents through the hands eyes and ears of TR LOVE his versions of some of the tracks that later appeared on the Iconic Classic ‘Critical Beatdown’. 

Some of his ideas that never made it too the album but as important, this lp gives examples of his mind state and vision as a programmer and beatmaker.

They helped create the blueprint, they changed the direction of hip hop music alongside producers like Marley Marl, 45 King and Jazzy Jay they pushed the boundaries of sample based music.

Here we present a behind the scenes look at the manufacturing of the record.  We would like to thank long time supporters Kev DaCosta and photographer Stuart Myers that joined me on the trip to the pressing plant.  Tha 4Orce for not just working on the LP but coming down to work with me pressing and packing the LP.  We are truly independent label,  From creating artwork, graphics photography and video.  We are involved in every process from original concept to delivering the end product to the market place.  We are the artists, delivering special packages direct to the consumer.

King of the Beats evolved over the years and changed its direction whilst working on tha 4Orces LP ‘Setting Standards’.  We decided to set the standard when it comes to creating a package that allows us not to just deliver musically but to equally deliver on visuals.

We would like to thank the Pressing Plant for allowing us to come in and film.  Phil East for his time and patience.  Breakbeat Lou, Marc Davis, Chris Malbon who all contributed to the film above.

We would like to thank everyone for your support.  Buy the LP here. 

Presenting new release TR LOVE – In Street Concentration. Order Now – Limited Edition.



We proudly return with this special release Ultramagnetic M.Cs member The Funk Igniter TR Love presents IN STREETS CONCENTRATION.  A history lesson from one Hip Hops most interesting artists.

TR Love along side Pritt Kalsi put together this very special limited edition Vinyl Package that chonicles some early demos and experimental ideas that went onto changing the sound of hip hop. The Ultramagnetic M.Cs  were pioneers who played a huge part in the evolution of hip Hop sample based music.  This records I a music lesson, a journal through the eyes and ears of one of its members TR LOVE  This is his scrapbook, his beat tape.

As Ced Gee was developing the Ultralab he also taught and developed the groups members Moe Love and TR Love who both were serious music heads.  For the first time you will hear some of the session ideas personal versions of tracks as this music was being created.

Recorded from cassette tape and mastered by tha 4orce this is a beautiful time capsule collector’s item. This record is more than just an LP this is one for the archive.  The first 200 copies will feature 2 tracks from TR’s Tapes, two tracks that never made it on to the classic LP Critical Beatdown.

This is the 3rd LP from the Soundtrack from the Film Looking for the Perfect Beat by Pritt Kalsi, to be released 2020.  The record will be shipped later this month.  Pre Order your copy now. Get in Early to get a free copy of the bonus 45.


We returned to the BBE Store to launch the second installment of the Setting Standards series Saturday, June 2019.  Special crew guests DJ Devastate, Mr. Higgs and Mr. Parker joined myself and host THA FORCE for the daytime event.  

We would like to personally thank the staff at BBE and those that came to support the days proceedings.  Archa, Keith, Gordon, Chris Read, Mantis among others who hung out with the crew.  We really appreciate the support.  Below are some shots from the day.