Powaful Impak interview with Producer and Artist Ray West.

Do check out this interview with fellow label owner Ray West of Red Apples.   I was first introduced to him through A.G of Showbiz and A.G fame.  Together they launched their label Red Apples.  Over the years Ray has certainly been one of the very few producers you can truly say has created his own signature sound that has gotten better and better over the years.   When so many people can look at the artists such as Dilla who possibly is the catalyst of everything that came after.  There are artists such as Madlib and RIP Doom who both came with their own sound that you can identify with.   I think people have really missed the boat on Ray West.

When I was first introduced to him. The sound he brought was the first time I ever heard it.  I’m so set in my ways on the first listen, I didn’t give it a chance.  After listening and paying attention to him  I started to appreciate his sound.   The project with O.C Rays Cafe I think was a definitive turning point and since then his sound nobody comes close.  Ray is a very gifted producer.   I saw this interview with him posted yesterday.  Thanks to Powaful Impak Network for doing this interview.




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