Shaw Theatre Project – 13.11.21 Update

Thanks to all pre=ordering the artpiece.  Here is an update on the project.  We received the Test pressings yesterday.  Which I have approved.  So the pressing will go ahead.  All the components such as the book and Poster are here.  We are now looking still for a factory space location to paint the artwork.  We apologise for the delays but I can assure you the project is moving forward.

Please bear with us and look to the site for future updates.

Shaw Theatre Project Now Available to Pre-order as of today

We are proud to let you know that as of today our new release is available to pre-order.  Planned Shipping November.   In Partnership with the Artful Dodger we are proud of this important piece of history. 

When we talk about Culture, This culture in the UK began in the very early 80’s.  As the scene grew in 1985 there was a landmark event where New York got to share the stage with UK Talent.  The American guests were shocked and impressed with what they saw here in the UK.  They could not believe the levels we were at.

This is your chance to own a very special piece of history presented in art form.  Order your Copy now



Limited 7″ vinyl of Uhuru’s Expect The Unexpected (Remix)
Taken from the Trilogy EP – Special Limited Edition Release on King of the Beats Records.All new limited edition 45. Shipping January.

Pre-Orders are now available for the special limited edition 7” vinyl of @uhurumusic
Expect the Unexpected (Remix)
exclusive release on
Uhuru – Expect the Unexpected (Remix)
Directed by Chiba Visuals @chibavisuals
Taken from the Trilogy EP
The Trilogy EP contains three songs,
Expect the Unexpected, Deeper Understanding and Ignorance.
All songs are accompanied by three visuals videos telling and explaining the story in three parts.
Shipping in January 2021
@cyclonious @tha_4orce

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Long before the Covid 18 Pandemic, We at King of the Beats started work on a project alongside L.A Posse / Main Source M.C Queens NYC legend Mikey D. 

We got about 6 tracks deep then, unfortunately, KOTB founder lost his job like many others in the Automotive Industry.  Mikey working on Pass The Torch Project took the reigns on the Project and set up his own distribution company and is putting out the project via his network.  Mikey has been super supportive and with his team locked in all the artwork created by Stevecasart. The Video was directed by Big Vegg. Photographer Calvin Smith all worked on the project.

This is one of the first beats I made for the project.  It sparked something off in Mikey.  On production is also Jay King who has produced the Follow-up Single, Look out for that.  We salute Mikey who has been putting in work behind the scenes with the help of  Rob Schwartz on this project.  Available on all Digital formats as of today.  Spotify Link here

Mr Higgs and Mr Parker Sessions


These guys have been making some noise for a while in the big Smoke.  Djs Mr Higgs and Mr Parker have been holding court for a few years now.  It’s hard to drive through South London and not find a spot they haven’t played.

Andy Higgs and Graham Parker joined forces combining there knowledge and passion for music maintaining the old tradition of Hip Hop DJ culture.  Both of them are fantastic selectors and will always guarantee to play something that will have you digging for it the next day. They are not secretive in any way about what they play and will always be kind enough to give you the details on the tracks.  Their sets are made of records old and new. Playing you records that came out that week.  Anyhow, I have been to a few of their sessions and this week as I was in London I was invited to join the guys to play a set.  The venue Brixton’s now-infamous spot the Chip Shop.  This is a daytime event starting at 4pm which on this occasion continued almost to midnight (it was a late one). Thank God the Chip Shop is what it says a place that serves food.

Considering venues are limited we had a great turnout. From London Legend and En4orcer Crew member Billy Biznizz, Curoc from Son of Noise, Tom Dice from Don’t Bite Records and surprising us all DJ Rob Life of Breakin Bread fame made an appearance.

For when this country does open back up.   I would like hope that music lovers and followers of Hip Hop Culture, Breaks and samples.  Diggin Culture take the time out to check these guys.

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DJ Timber – Presents his Space Funk Breaks Mix.

That period of the 90s when B-boying came back.  One of the artists that caught my attention back then was the Dj Who went by the name Timber.  I had seen videos of him cutting up breaks for events, but in the heat of the moment, he would jump of the turntables and enter the circle. You could clearly see Timber was dedicated and passionate about this culture.

Years passed and we eventually crossed paths in Birmingham.  It was a pleasure meeting him.  What I like most about Timber is his dedication to this art form.  He went on his own journey. He is very independent and stands alone.  These are all traits of someone that has something special about them.  Now settled in Canada DJ Timber this week presents his Break Mix.  Its available to check out at his Band Camp.

Please check out his project Space Funk Here.

Hip Hop History – Shaw Theatre Jam on Wax Limited Press.

From the archives of the history of Hip-Hop, comes one of the most talked-about old-school events to happen on this side of the Atlantic. The ’Shaw Theatre Jam’ of 1985.

Featuring Hip-Hop legends from the Bronx to London, this is a serious slice of old-school Hip-Hop, and is available on vinyl from King of The Beats.
Dropping August 2020, and on wax for the first and last time in two volumes; Limited Edition. Order yours now!

More details to follow. Stay tuned.

I would like to present a new project that we would like to announce in partnership with The original Artful Dodger we are soon to release a very special LP.

In 1985 there was a very important event that happened in London. The Shaw Theatre Jam. It was an event where a crew from the States NYC came to the UK and performed alongside a host of UK artists. Cosmic Jamm, who was a mentor to many surprised our American guests and showed them that here in the UK that we really had some talent. The event itself for those that were there was monumental and plays an important role in Hip Hops evolutions within the UK. A culture was being born.

Premier of new trailer for Pritt Kalsi’s ‘Looking for the Perfect Beat’

This is probably the most important post to date. For years many people know of me as a filmmaker. The man behind the King of the Beats series, The Turntable Trixters and the Paul C Film.

Before any of that, I started a project titled ‘The Men & Their Music’. This film got shelved. Years later after getting separated I embarked on a new journey, starting my project ‘Looking of the Perfect Beat’. I’ve counted already 9 trips to NYC just on this Project.

In 2015 I had completed a rough of the film that at the time I felt was ok, but after taking it to NYC a few of the artists I showed asked me to use some of the footage I filmed of them almost 20 years before.

I didn’t ever work in a conventional way. When I first started going to NYC I rolled up with a camera running around the city without much of plan. Over the years I had won and earned the respect of my peers in the states who understood what I was about and saw themselves my work ethic.

I didn’t ask for funding I never asked for help, but I remember clearly many people telling me I couldn’t do this. They felt I never had the skills. How’s this factory worker think he can make a movie. That motivated me, and because I knew that the artists believed in me that I would go make this film.

I funded this on factory wages in the midlands. I have fort through many battles internally and externally, lived on beans and toast for many years, deprived my self of holidays and weekends away determined to one day get this film done.

In 2013 I did release a trailer of what was the film at the time, but over the years it has changed dramatically.

For the last 16 years, I have been working 3 shifts in a factory. That I only get 2 weeks to leave I can book my self. So time for me is very precious. I would go to NYC to film.

We are now in 2020, and in this year we endure this COVID Pandemic. Like many of the Nation I was put on to Furlough. My first reaction was 2 weeks off I’m going to work on my film. This turned into 13 weeks, which then turned into a Redundancy.