Exclusive Trailer for : King of the Beats – ‘Looking for the Perfect Beat’

Here is a exclusive preview of the trailer for the upcoming film by Pritt Kalsi, Jazzy Jay and JFK Aman.  Currently still in post production.  Im very excited about this film as anyone can imagine, but anyone who knows me and my work will know that this is a make or break moment. 

In August 2012  Jazzy Jay spent a month here with me in the UK.  I was not in the best of state that time. Thanks to him and others who know who they are, he helped guiding me into recovery.  I started to see that I had to make some serious changes in my life.

After speaking with my family Jazzy  openly invited me to NYC to work on this project.  Leaving me to my own devices he assured me what ever I need to do he will help me achieve it.  Along side him and DJ Supreme from group Hijack I presented my idea and got the green light off them both.  I approached my friends in NYC,  the true masters, pioneers and producers of classic material and asked if they would take on the king of the beats challenge.

Filmed in Mecca New York birth place of Hip Hop.  I would like to thank Steven Ellington and Andy Higgs for believing in me, taking time out their schedule, spending their own money to travel to New York to help me make this, I believe it was worth it.  I didn’t know anything about sites like Kickstarter, this film was made able by the people who supported my art, buying prints, supporting my campaign that I went on early this year.  I would like to thank Aidan Butler my childhood friend who I bumped into in NYC after leaving the Marley Marl show, who helped us out when we had problems with one of our cameras, who offered support to the project and donated some film.  Jazzy Jays Wife who allowed me and the team into their home.  Marley Marl, Diamond D and Lord Finesse who have always given me time in NYC and UK allowing me the freedom to shoot them when ever.  Zion for putting us up!.  Phat Gary for his support and guidance, Biggest Gordon my old time friend who I was trying to find and bumped into in the street. A.GEE for the serious talk.

Unlike most films out there, this is a film made by someone still working in a factory who has passion and drive for telling a story about the culture he loves unmatched to others.  Almost 20 years and still grinding.  After making the trailer I could see the potential and power within this film. We spent 3 weeks in NYC shooting and didn’t get to shoot everyone we wanted due to schedules and even some people being carted off by the law.

Hence releasing the artwork by Chris Malbon yesterday.  If you watch this and believe in this project. Please support the campaign and purchase a print. Look out for Art coming from legendary graff artist Eric Orr who also features in the film.   To all those that took part and supported the project, those that believed in me I would like to thank you.  Real recognize the real.

Thanks to Chieko who flew over from Japan to watch me make the trailer.  5th Element who earlier today premiered the trailer in Japan.

Those that know, or experienced  what is King of the beats will know this more than a film its a movement based on a love and passion for music. Much love and respect to all the artists and friends that are part of this project

8pm today check out Tha 4orces (Steven Ellington) Mind tha Gap Show 


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