Behind the Poster with Chris Malbon

Together alongside long time friend A.Dee we both traveled to Bristol to see Chris Malbon the Artist behind the King of the Beats Logo, branding and Poster.

To help fund the project we released a limited run of the poster that he created. As a special gesture Chris is hand signing all of them.

Of course me being me, not to waste any opportunity. I shot a short piece with the man, going into his history and background, and how he came up with the idea and concept for the movie poster. Both of us have come a long way from our days in the School Playground drawing Spiderman and the Hulk to see who was the better artist.

It was great that A.dee was able to join us, as he was the man who pushed me into becoming a film maker. In the early days the three of us used to talk about creating art and working together on some visual projects. Alongside Chris and Eric Orr, A.Dee agreed to create a poster and some art towards the project.

Money raised from the sales of the poster are to go back into the project. To return back to NYC to complete shooting. I would like to thank all those that have already supported the project and purchased their poster, they will be with you shortly.

For all those that would like to support the project You can get your Limited Edition Hand Signed Poster here


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