Ultramagnetic M.C’s – Critical Beatdown 25 Years Anniversary London show.

Here is something very special for those who support my work and the band the ‘Ultramagnetic  M.C’s’.

One of the greatest Underground Hip Hop acts of all time. Embarked on a European tour to mark 25 years since the release of their critically acclaimed album ‘Critical Beatdown’. 

I have a long history with this group.  In fact the first time I tried to interview them was when they first came to Birmingham City on tour.  In the late 90s when I started working on my Film ‘The Men & Their Music’.  I was introduced to Moe Love by the P-Brothers.  For a couple of years me and Moe spent many hours on the phone, playing each other breaks, beats, talking about music and other stuff.  In 2002 I made a trip to the USA, to start filming the project.  A little nervous as my memories of him was that he looked like the meanest person in hip hop.  In fact he’s one of the coolest.  As a surprise he took me to meet Ced Gee in Harlem and we shot a film. My memories of that meeting Ced wasn’t really into the current state of Hip Hop music, he was involved in other things.  Pursuing his love for Basket Ball. The shoot was very positive.  Ced left with fire in his belly, and I left with amazing footage which lead me to make the film on Paul C.

Returning to the UK I was introduced to Marc Davis from Chicago, who is die hard Ultras fan, so much so he made it his mission to reform the group.  Throughout that whole period I was here in the UK, being played the beats and tracks as they were being made.  Later Marc, TR and Moe he dropped the ‘Ultra Foundation’ Album. It was outstanding LP, possibly the worst hip hop cover of all time but the music was second to none.  Most of that should of been the ‘Best kept Secret’ LP.  I returned to the U.S and shot 2 of the videos for that Album plus a short film introducing TR Loves protege Fred Beanz Later I went onto produce their last single with new M.C, Fred Beanz.

The ironic thing is I will never forget going to Ourprice records in 1988 with Jason Coombes as he brought the cassette never thinking I would later work with the group.

ultrapicIts not been a easy road for the group as you can imagine.  So ofcourse when they contacted me to let me know the tour was on, I had to make sure I got to do something with the group to capture this moment.  Although not a member of the band, I feel a part of their legacy.  Sadly i could not join them for the whole tour due to my work commitments.  I put this together for the group and the fans.  Imagine what I could of done being on the tour.  That would of been one hell of a film.  In the mean time enjoy this.  Look out for the future DJ MOE LOVE ‘DIGGIN IN THE TAPES LP’.  For that project I revamped the original ULTRA Logo.  This was a important and landmark moment for us all.  Filmed by Pritt Kalsi and his team, Andy Higgs and Jay King.  We are available to film / edit shows and events. For further info on costs please feel free to contact us.

Big thanks to : Ced Gee, Tr Love, Kool Keith, Moe Love, Marc Davis & all the Staff at the Grand Clapham Junction, London

Ultramagnetic M.C’s For serious booking info, contact : live nation.


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