KING OF THE BEATS Helps develop the new MPC

KOTB was invited to be involved with a very special project. We was chosen to join the UK Akai team to work on prototype of the MPC Renaisance.

We sat in on meetings and studio sessions with the new product that I can say in its infancy was highly disclosed. It was never shown in public. Everyone who saw it had to sign a release.

My self I was lucky. I think I was the only person never to sign one. for 1 week we was locked in a Dairy Studios over in Brixton as producers were invited to test it and give their opinion.

Anyhow. I filmed all the sessions for the American team. Having some time on my hands I freely put this video together which fell into the hands of the head of Akai. This was used as their first promo video for the project.

Concrete Jungle 2012

Maurizio the NextOne’s Age of Aquarious returns for the second edition of THE CONCRETE JUNGLE. A weekend celebration of Hip Hop Culture by one of the cultures most celebrated artists.

B-Boys, B-Girls, DJ’s, Graffiti Writers and Beat makers from all over the world attend this even that is UN-sponsored and unfunded. Last year i attended the event held in Torino. This time of the year be prepared it is hot over there. For those thinking about heading over check out Ryanair for cheap flights from Stanstead.  Here is a great piece of film made by former King of the Beats Champion Igi

King of the Beats – Who’s Gonna Take the Crate? Vibe Bar

Held at the Vibe Bar, Brick Lane, London. Chemo, Iron Braydz, Myke Forte and Solomon Caine take on the challenge of the original KING OF THE BEATS. ‘Who Gonna Take The Crate?.

Hosted by Sparkii Ski and Tha 4orce, with DJ’s Key Figures and Legendary Demon Boyz DJ and Producer, DJ Devastate.
Again we saw some amazing top quality Talent come through.

Keeping the real and true art alive. this ain’t a prod

Leaders of the New School Get together for first time in 17 years

In 2009 whilst in NYC DJ Johnny Juice from the group Public Enemy alongside Long Island Pioneer DJ Bigg Higgs planned for me to shoot something very special.

For the first time in 17 years members of the group Leaders of the New School. Minus Busta Rhymes. Dinco D, Charlie Brown and Cutmonitor Milo sat down together and discussed their humble beginnings and music in general.

This is a must see for any LONS, Tribe Called Quest fan. This film first appeared on the original blog a few years ago. The significance of this film was that it acted as a turning point for all of us infact. It helped rebuild friendship, dialog which led to the clip below. Although I could not join the group for the moment below. I’m glad someone filmed it

King of the beats – Who’s gonna take the cate ? Aug 2010

Get down to the Vibe Bar, Brick Lane, London. August 28th 2010.

Who’s Gonna Take the Crate? Featuring contestants Cocktail Mixer, Lewis Ekspress, Red Eye Rob and Danny Spice.

Also your chance to get your hands on the first release on king of the beats Records. Featuring music from kotb winners Jay Kng & Mack one and D’lux beats. Only 300 copies.

Music on the night provided by DJ Devastate, Deejay Random. Key Figures, Hosted by Sparkii Ski and THA 4ORCE.

The best hip hop night in London.

King of the Beats – Vibe Bar Full Movie

From the founder of beat battles, the original king of the beats, comes the fifth installment of the kotb series.

D’lux Beats, Mike Bandoni (funshone), Scratch Professer, Dappa Dusty Fingaz and Prone (sinstars) take on the challenge to see who is king of the beats.

Hosted by legendary Producer Sparkii Ski (london Posse, Mc Mello) with special Guest DJ’s Deejay Random (Steel Devils) and legendary DJ Devestate (Demon Boyz) alongside Cutmaster Swift. KOTB Live is proving to be one of the best nights out in London for great music but good hip hop culture !

Peep for future events. If you want to get involved, by either taking up the challenge or putting on a kotb show. Please get in touch from the site above.

King of the Beats – Who’s Gonna take the Crate ?

KING OF THE BEATS presents a film made by Pritt Kalsi, Filmed on the 27th Feb 2010. Venue :Vibe Bar home of the KOTB!

The first installment of ‘Who’s Gonna Take The Crate?’ Concept and created by Pritt Kalsi. Since the first film back in 1999, kotb has been building a strong following. With chapters in Japan, USA, Italy and Brazil.

For the purpose of the live show and tour, the idea of who’s gonna take the crate was created.

Held every 2 months at the vibe bar, the challenge is open to producers who share and love the art and foundation of real hip hop music..from diggin in the crates to make that perfect beat.

This is the film of that show, featuring producers /artists ED STRONG, THA 4ORCE, SOLOMON CAINE & KEWBA DAGREAT. Hosted by SPARKII SKI of London Posse’s fame, Music provided by DJ Devastate from the Legendary Demon Boyz, Last but not least DeeJay Randon from the Steel Devils.

New video, Guru Tribute by Maurizio the NextOne

I heard this track some time ago. Maurizio the NextOne produced this piece in memory of his good friend, the late GURU of Gangstarr. Back in the early 90s Maurizio had made his name in NYC. Whilst living out there he built a great friendship with the group Gangstarr. So much so he was considered Gangstarr Foundation.

Enjoy this video directed and filmed by Sara.

DND Studios 2002

Here is some old footage shot back in 2002. Filmed at the legendary studios DND now Headquarters run by DJ Premier.

Here is some never seen before footage from my personal achieve. This is a place where a lot the great 90’s records where made.