Mr Higgs and Mr Parker Sessions


These guys have been making some noise for a while in the big Smoke.  Djs Mr Higgs and Mr Parker have been holding court for a few years now.  It’s hard to drive through South London and not find a spot they haven’t played.

Andy Higgs and Graham Parker joined forces combining there knowledge and passion for music maintaining the old tradition of Hip Hop DJ culture.  Both of them are fantastic selectors and will always guarantee to play something that will have you digging for it the next day. They are not secretive in any way about what they play and will always be kind enough to give you the details on the tracks.  Their sets are made of records old and new. Playing you records that came out that week.  Anyhow, I have been to a few of their sessions and this week as I was in London I was invited to join the guys to play a set.  The venue Brixton’s now-infamous spot the Chip Shop.  This is a daytime event starting at 4pm which on this occasion continued almost to midnight (it was a late one). Thank God the Chip Shop is what it says a place that serves food.

Considering venues are limited we had a great turnout. From London Legend and En4orcer Crew member Billy Biznizz, Curoc from Son of Noise, Tom Dice from Don’t Bite Records and surprising us all DJ Rob Life of Breakin Bread fame made an appearance.

For when this country does open back up.   I would like hope that music lovers and followers of Hip Hop Culture, Breaks and samples.  Diggin Culture take the time out to check these guys.

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