Leaders of the New School – Classic Matterial Mix Tape

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Easily one of the greatest Hip Hop acts of all time.  They never sounded like anyone else, and if anyone tried to sound like them, they where just poor imitations.

I had the pleasure to meet them whilst I was in high school and they came to the UK on their first tour.  some 2o years later I got to meet them thanks to their original DJ, DJ Johnny Juice.  Johnny Juice, Big Higgs, Charlie Brown, Dinco and Milo have become great friends of the movement.   So when today Dinco posted this.  After 5 minutes listening in, this had to get re-posted.  If you are new to the group.  This is a great intro to the group.  If you can appreciate true talent, very young and gifted, ahead of their time, your going to love this.


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