Its Official Diamond D ‘Diam Piece LP’ Artwork by Pritt Kalsi


It official from the man him self Diamond D, About to release new album titled “DIAM PIECE’ .  Art work designed by Pritt Kalsi founder of King of the Beats.  The Image shows behind the star status, Diamond D represents  quality and hard work.  He is a man that sticks to his roots and is passionate about his craft.  When its time to get your hands dirty and get to work Diamond D is all business.

For almost 2 weeks we was working daily, selecting images and fine tuning.  Believe me even though we are oceans apart Diamond work ethic is very precise and clinical.  Brings me back almost 20 years ago after the first Diamond D album dropped.  It was the best thing in the world to me then.  I saw as a fan of the music this is the mark and standard I need to be at.  I wonder If Juice Aleem remembers walking from DJ Sparra’s house to the bust stop in kings Norton.  I explained why I think Diamonds music is the pinical , why DITC is where I need to aim for as the Bar.  One Day I said I’m gonna work with him.  2o years later its happened.  Right now I’m happy.



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