HiCoup’s – Crocodile Tears Directed by Pritt Kalsi

Whilst in New York last November working on the film I found the time to shoot a video for my friends Johnny Juice’s new project HiCoup.

HiCoup in his own right has been on the circuit for a good while.  I had never met him before the shoot.  I had only heard the E.P that Juice produced.  It’s a fantastic project led by Johnny Juice a accomplished producer and DJ.  Seeing him at work in person I can say that he is no way a beat maker, who churns out track after track asking artists to pick one.  He carefully selects who he works with and grinds in the studio to help develop a sound and artist.  His way is by no means a 1hour take.

There was a song on the E.P that stood out called ‘Crocodile Tears’.  I had spoken to Juice prior to leaving out to NYC and said if there was time Id shoot something for him.  I had been in NYC 2 weeks.  This was my final day.  I still have people to shoot for my project.

The sun was light very bright first thing in the morning, the weather was turning so there was a really nice frost.  Knowing how long things take I suggested to Juice we can shoot 6am in Brooklyn’s Forte Green.  I had shot there earlier on my trip.

HiCoup and manager where based in New Jersey.  I was very surprised when they called me to say there were at my spot dead on time.  We headed out to Forte Green and knocked out the video before 8am.  Only if every shoot could go down as well planned as that.

I had completed the video the first day I arrived back.  Now that HiCoup has approved and posted the video onto Youtube I can post it onto my page, enjoy.




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