Calling Videographers in the NYC / Toronto Area

Calling all film makers / videographers, Im looking for your kean filmmakers who would like to contribute some footage towards the film ‘King of the Beats –Looking for the Perfect Beat’.

April last year the crew went over to nyc to start shooting the film conducting interviews. 8am start, finishing 3am. Running out of time we couldn’t take the time out to do the New York /Toronto scenery shots that we liked to.

If you would like to contribute towards the film and take some shots of NYC / Toronto, which would be used exclusively only for this project please feel free to get in touch.

This is non-paid project, but your contribution will get credited. I have added a link below for some of the shots we are looking at. Areas that would be ideal to get shots off, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Toronto (city). Skylines, busy streets, buildings, signs, shopfronts. Traffic, people.

Footage must be H.D. Steady, it does not have to be edited. 10 second shots, unless your doing time lapse.

If you would like further info please feel free to contact me.



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