Brand New King of the Beats Jackets and Hats.


Get your pre Exclusive gear.  Looking for the Perfect beat.

KOTB would like to proudly release our all-new varsity jackets.  The official stamp from the original challenge, created and found by Pritt Kalsi almost 20 years ago

King of the beats has grown and stands for the culture of digging for records, the preservation of vinyl and hip hop music.  Through films, events, workshops King of the beats has traveled far and wide spreading its message and planting its seed.  This was a labor of love. For the last Year Ive been working on my new film along side Jazzy Jay and JFK Aman, with the help of Film Crew Steven Ellington and Andy Higgs we have been really working hard unfunded to make an epic piece.

If you are passionate about this music and culture.  Collecting records, making beats, sampling and drum machines please show your support.  2014 looks like a very promising year.  Hopefully dropping the new film alongside new events plus the relaunch of the record label.   Unlike the ‘legenday grandmaster Jay and the many other fakes this is the real deal for people who are the real deal.


Pritt Kalsi


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