M.Will the Shogun gives 10 albums away free today

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Part of the King of the Beats family.  M.Will the Shogun announced today he was giving away 10 of his albums away free.  M.Will is one of the special featured guests in the movie..King of the Beats presents ‘Looking for the Perfect Beat’. 

In his own right the young producer has had a very different upbringing to most of us, brought up inside the House of Hits he was exposed to it all.  A classically trained musician, versed in newer technologies, M.Will is of his time.  Although his music may not be what most people consider traditional hip hop, it most definitely comes from there. Today he got in touch to let me know about his big album give away.  So without any question we must post this.  We must support the younger generation coming through, especially when they have shown love to us and took a genuine interest in the older generation.

“Its the first day of spring.. Summer is just around the corner! Inspired by my visit to Austin, TX for SXSW, I feel today is a great day to release my music for free for 24 hours. Normally, I price my music at unreasonable prices on my bandcamp because I feel music has an unlimited value. I prefer to personally hand my music to my fans, friends and family. However today is a special day. Updating my bandcamp I’ve realized I have released a total of 10 projects in a 5 year span (2009-2014). My 11th project will be released on my 21st birthday as a subtle ode EP to my “twin” Sun Ra who would have turned 100 on our birthday. I’ll then consider a hiatus and travel while completing my double degree in arts management and ancient history. In the meantime, as I work on finding a home for my music, I want to engage in more creative outlets to distribute my music.”


Click here to check download the albums

Look out for a future 45′ from M.Will on the KOTB Label..Once the film drops



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